The day i entered Flawless Feet clinic,was the day my life changed.
    I had an ingrowing nail,which caused pain,discomfort, modified my walking,disturbed every circumstance of my life,i couldn’t go anywhere or make any plans.Not to mention wearing any shoes i would have liked.
    After years of struggle and 4 unsuccessful
    surgeries, i decided to make an appointment with Mr. Patel.I didn’t hear about Flawless Feet from anyone,i just found the website perfectly organised,which made things clear for me.I was totally scared and anxious,considering my 4 surgeries and the fact that i was given an anesthetic which had almost no effect. Well,at Flawless Feet i got everything i was looking for: a friendly but professional attitude, i felt nothing during the procedure,and last but not least,i didn’t feel any pain even after the anesthetic stopped having an effect(1,maybe 2 hours after the procedure).
    I am pretty sure that it was one of the best decisions i ever made,the procedure was painfree.Also, i believe that, the attitude of the doctor towards the patient is very important:Mr. Patel gave me confidence and good vibes.The only regret i have,is that of not calling Flawless Feet earlier. I had forgotten the joy of a simple walk in the park.Now i am thankful and happy with my back to normal life.Morphine