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Bringing you a new concept of professional foot care, Flawless Feet clinics provide world-class, avant-garde podiatry treatments designed to make you feel like walking on air. With the most advanced laser technology and latest podiatry techniques, we treat nail fungus, ingrown toenails, verruca, warts and common foot pain, giving your feet the love they deserve to take you pain-free every step, every day.

Is your foot health preventing you from enjoying life? Sore feet are not a normal part of life. But often, people take care of their bodies, face and hair more so than they do for their feet. Neglecting your feet can lead to embarrassing verrucae, unsightly nail fungus and painful ingrown toenails.

If you:

Have been limping for weeks, unable to practise your favourite sport or even walk

Are deeply ashamed of unhealthy toenails, that sandal season has turned into your worst nightmare

Live with chronic foot or lower limb pain, which stops you from moving around freely, and ultimately enjoying life. It’s time to do something about it.

Ignoring any foot-related conditions or trying to suffer through them because they're ‘only’ affecting your feet, not only can exacerbate the problem but also prevent you from doing the things you love most.

At Flawless Feet, we can help you get back on your feet in no time and with minimal discomfort.

We are a passionate team of podiatrists who thrive on helping individuals bring back their mojo for life. In the same way dental care forms part of a good hygiene regimen, we promote ‘regular foot care’ as an essential part of healthy living, offering a range of treatments that are clinically necessary to maintain good foot health, including check-ups, gait analysis and medical pedicure.

We also understand that some treatments may feel scary or a diagnosis can cause apprehension, that’s why we support you all the way – from the minute you walk through our door to the day your feet turn people green with envy.

We have several treatment centres across London, and you can be rest assured, our expert Podiatrists and Chiropodists, can help you restore your feet back to the time when you loved doing your day to day activities with Pain Free, Beautiful Looking Feet!

We remind you what it’s like to feel confident walking on your bare feet again



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Specialist Foot Treatments We Offer

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Gait Analysis & Orthotics For Foot Pain

Gait Analysis & Orthotics


Laser Treatment For Fungal Nails

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Verrucae & Wart Treatment

Specialist Verrucae Treatment

Shockwave Treatment For Heel Pain

Shockwave Therapy