Hiren Patel on ITV This Morning Program talking about Toe-ga

Toe-ga on This Morning

What a morning! An absolute pleasure to be on This Morning to talk about foot spreading after lockdown. Has anyone heard of Toe-ga?

Last week Lucia Ferrari reported in The Daily Mail that; "Since lockdown, 66% of women say their feet have spread, which is now causing foot issues and making high heels even harder to wear". Fellow podiatrists recommended yoga exercises for feet, Toe-ga! I was invited onto This Morning to chat with Eamonn Holmes  and Rochelle Humes about foot spreading and which exercises will help.

The reason feet have spread in lockdown is that people have been barefooted or mostly wearing slippers. The lack of support has meant that the arch of the foot has dropped, causing the foot to spread slightly. As a result, most peoples feet have increased by half a size. This change of length is frustrating as now people are trying to squeeze their feet into shoes that are now too small for them. 

There are two options, do some simple foot exercises or buy a lot of new shoes!

Visit "This Morning" website to watch Hiren get his feet out on national TV.


Hiren demonstrated 5 simple exercises that anyone can do at home, which will help decrease and prevent foot pain.

  1. Toe towel scrunch
  2. Stair tip toes
  3. Cold Can roll
  4. Spikey ball roll
  5. Towel stretch

If you'd like more exercises, we have an at your desk exercise blog.

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