Customised Foot Orthotics

Full custom orthotics are non-invasive prescription medical devices specially designed to address foot injuries and disorders by providing pain relief and support.

Before fitting and manufacturing your devices, a podiatrist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your musculoskeletal needs, biomechanics, and lifestyle choices to determine if custom orthotics are a suitable solution for you. Custoised foot orthotics at flawless feet can be designed for any shoe, for any event or sport, so that you will never be without support. 

What is the difference between standard off the shelf orthotics and fully customised foot orthotics?

Standard off the shelf orthotics  Full custom orthotics 
No scanning required  3D technology 
General foot assessment is sufficient  Requires musculoskeletal assessment 
Minimal support  Maximum support 
Lasts 6-8 months dependent on use  Lasts 5+ years 
Can be collected and fitted on the day A 1 hour biomechanic appointment is required, wait time requires for manufacturing 
Limited shoes  Can be made for any shoe 

Frequently Asked Questions

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