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Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Flawless Feet’s signature nail fungus laser treatment is the only procedure in London that uses a combination of Hot and Cold laser therapy to banish nail fungus quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort

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If your toenails have turned yellow, feel thicker or appear slightly deformed, they may be infected with fungus – clinically known as onychomycosis.

Nail fungus is a progressive infection that damages the nail and needs to be treated effectively to avoid spreading.

With our signature nail fungus laser treatment, we are able to kill the fungus that lives in and under the nail, without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. By directing the laser light to the fungi, we raise its temperature, destroying the hyphae or root ramifications and thus, preventing their reproduction.

The procedure is totally safe and doesn’t present side effects. Most patients experience no pain, only a warming sensation or a slight pinprick. Usually it is recommended to have four sessions one or two weeks apart. Further sessions may be required if the infection is severe. At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear — it takes time to grow out. Results show that laser for fungal toenails is the best treatment option available at this time, with a 80 -90% effectiveness.

It is worth noting that there is always a chance of reinfection because the fungus is present everywhere in the environment. That’s why we will always walk you through some simple steps to help you reduce a recurrence of the infection. In a recent study done by the university of Barcelona, treating 150 patients, using the S30 PODYLAS ™ Laser, preliminary results have proved a success rate of 90%.

"The visit was extremely good. Hiren and his team put me at ease as he explained the process thoroughly. I enjoyed his manner and he helped me relax. He was chatty and personable. The process was painless and I was provided with nail care between appointments. I would recommend it to anyone. Laser nail treatment is far better than oral potentially harmful medication."
John Markham Flawless Feet Client

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We are the only nail laser clinic in London to Treat Everyone with BOTH the S30 Podylas“Hot”1064nm Laser and Lunula “Cold” Laser for the best  results! Appointments available in Covent Garden, Forest Hill & Croydon 

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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment London

Laser Nail Fungus Treatment for 4 sessions available FROM ONLY £500 
We treat everyone with both the lunula "cold laser" and the S30 Podylas "hot" Laser

One Foot or Hand 

£500 (4 Sessions)

Two Feet Or Hands

£600 (4 sessions)

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