Feet, Orthotics and Knee Arthritis

Posted 29 Jan '18

Feet, Orthotics and Knee Arthritis

Thousands of people every year in the UK suffer from ongoing arthritic knee pain and don’t do anything about it thinking that it’s just old age and that surgery is the only way to improve symptoms.

What people don’t realize is that your feet can have a big impact and even a causative effect on why your knees continue to hurt, stopping you from walking, running and playing golf. Like Links in a chain your feet and knees are connected in a way that affects how one another operate and if your feet aren’t functioning well then your lower limb and knees will compensate and begin to hurt or change in structure/function.

A visit to a knowledgeable podiatrist can hugely improve both foot and knee function and reduce pain by getting to the root cause of an issue and thus reduce the need for invasive surgeries.

Multiple studies in recent years have shown how correctly designed custom foot orthotics can alter function throughout the lower limb thus reducing the pathological effect osteoarthritis has on the inside compartment of the knee.

A full biomechanical assessment from your podiatrist will be able to determine if this modality is right for you.

Flawless feet offer several different clinic locations to meet the needs of our patients. Locations include:

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