Mental Health Needs Physical Health

Posted 1 Nov '22

Mental Health Needs Physical Health

The road to good mental health for every man is different; November has changed to Movember, a time to support and promote ways to happier and healthier lives.


I hope that during Movember, our clinics are full of guys proudly showing off some incredible moustaches. I've spent some time reading up on the causes Movember supports; they have so many valuable resources on their website if you or someone you know needs support around mental health, prostate or testicular cancer.


I have a great group of friends to turn to when days get a bit overwhelming; they are always there to talk through personal, family and even business issues; I feel lucky to have them in my life. The main way we connect and have the opportunity to support each other is through golf. It's often through sport that men connect and have the trust needed to have those vital life conversations.


This is why I'm connecting good mental health to physical health. If my body isn't physically able to meet my friends at the golf course or the Parkrun, then I'm not sure when I'd see them to check in with them as I want to support them as much as they support me.


This is why sporting injuries need expert help to get you back on the pitch or court. Of course, we can help prevent physical injuries with our advice and techniques, but through this, it will also avoid problems of wellbeing from arising as you'll be able to continue with your exercise.


Many wellbeing advisors recommend daily exercise and time outside- but if you're suffering from health issues, this can be hard to do. For the benefit of your physical and your mental health- you should quickly seek medical help.


For any foot, ankle and leg problems- a podiatrist is who you need.


Embarrassingly considering I'm a man working and promoting the value of healthcare, I'm still reluctant to book medical appointments. I justify it will "I'm busy" or "it will go away eventually", but you know what- I should (and you should) make time. And no, it doesn't always go away.


Guys, don't be embarrassed by your feet; our podiatrists have seen it all before and worse! We are used to cracked nails, smelly feet and scaly skin. We will not judge you for the condition of your feet. Instead, we will care for you, treat your foot problems, and recommend ways to stop them from reoccurring.


The 3 most common conditions we see in the guys that come into the clinic are

-Athletes foot

-Fungal toenails

-Foot pain


Athlete's foot: is so frustrating. The fungus causes terrible itching and open sores between the toes. It is a contagious infection, so if you don't want to spread it to your partner, get treated ASAP. Find out more on this webpage.


Fungal toenails: The fungal infection is difficult to treat fully at home, which is why our signature laser treatment is used most days in our clinics. Read more about it here.


Foot pain: this is a big topic; there are over 50 conditions that cause foot pain. You must be assessed to diagnose which of these conditions is causing you pain accurately. We have a variety of treatments we recommend for foot and heel pain; you can find out more here.



We want you to stay physically fit so that you can stay mentally fit

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