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12 marathon running tips from your podiatrist

Posted 28 Feb '20

12 marathon running tips from your podiatrist

Lots of our clients are in training for races, 5k, 10k and marathons. Your feet bear the brunt of all the miles you run so it is vital to look after them if you plan on completing the race. Here are a list of tips to help you make some great kit choices, stay healthy and know what to do if you start feeling an injury.

Tip number 1- trainers
  1. Have at least two pairs of trainers in use. This means they will have time to air and properly dry before you wear them again. Trainers will start to lose their shock absorption after 300-500 miles so replace them regularly.
  2. How you lace up your trainers is vital. A small amount of loosening of your laces can allow your foot to slip inside the trainer. An easy way of stopping this is to add an extra wrap at the beginning of tying your laces.
  3. Moisture on your skin can cause blisters, wearing two pairs of wickaway socks is the best way we’ve found to avoid hot spots which lead to blisters.
  4. Always warm-up, just a little walk and jog to get your body going along with some stretches.
  5. Gradually build up the length of your runs, your feet would have a pretty big shock if you went from couch to 20k in one session!
  6. Remember to build up your overall fitness, do some other activities like swimming, yoga and weights to improve all areas of your body.
  7. If your goal is to run a road marathon make sure you are training on a similar surface to your race and likewise for off-road running.
  8. Never forget to cool down.
  9. Keep hydrated before, during and after all your runs. Consume 250-500ml of fluid 15 to 30 minutes before your running workout, depending on your tolerance of fluids, and the temperature and humidity.
  10. Eat well throughout your training period. Fuelling your body with the right foods will make running easier and more enjoyable.
  11. Use a foam roller a few times a week all the way down your legs. This will reduce inflammation in your muscles, helping your body to recover faster.
  12. Listen to your body and allow yourself to recover fully if you pick up even the smallest injury.

Tip 9- Hydrate before running

All these tips should keep you healthy throughout your marathon training but annoyingly accidents do happen and you will pick up injuries so please do rest when you need it (no runner ever likes this advice!)

If you want expert advice to increase your performance take a minute to read about our gait analysis service, it allows us to identify and treat a number of complex gait issues, from injury rehabilitation to improving sporting performance. Feel free to call us on 02037138361 or book an apointment for individual advice.

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