Finding your feet after lockdown

Posted 1 Sep '20

Finding your feet after lockdown

Returning to work and the gym after lockdown is going to be a shock to the system. After months of slippers and flip flops you are now going to need to squeeze back into work clothes and shoes, which might be a challenge. Many of us have gained a few kilos recently due to the restrictions, comfort eating or feeling lethargic.

Have you enjoyed the pyjama wearing home working or are you fed up with make-do desk and a sore back? Your office might be opening up, requiring you to brave the streets and see your colleagues in the flesh rather than over a video call. To reduce the shock of this change to your feet we recommend that you start wearing your work shoes now- just for an hour or so a day. Just to get your feet used to a more structured shoe. If you go straight from 6 months of bare feet to 10 hours in high heels certain foot problems like plantar fasciitis could flare up. There are several different conditions that heel pain could be, so it is vital to get a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. Read more about heel pain here.

The skin on your feet will have softened which will make a blister developing more likely. It is better to prevent a blister rather than going through the 2 weeks of pain and frustration whilst it heals.  Blisters occur with too much moisture, heat and friction, if a pair of shoes feel too tight, don’t wear them just yet. Wear a good quality sock and remember to air your feet regularly and this should reduce the likelihood of a blister.

If you are going back to the gym, like the Jubilee gym in Convent Garden (where we have a clinic) take it slow. Plan shorter sessions, use lighter weights, just whilst your body gets used to the increased activity levels. It’s tempting to rush in and do the same session you were in March but injuries occur most when people push too hard, too quickly.

‘New normal’ safety routines are in place for most gyms, Jubilee Gym have the Covid safety FAQ’s page, take a read of to understand what you need to do.

If you feel pain or instability in your foot or leg, please book an appointment with us. We are here to advise and help you get back to your routines safely. Keep a look out for blisters or foot pain, don’t push through it as that causes my problems in the long term.

We are also following all the required Covid safety guidance. We are using all the PPE required, increased our cleaning, ventilating our clinics and providing sanitiser.  When you attend appointments with us, please wear a mask and follow our instructions. Do not attend your appointment if you are experiencing any Covid symptoms.

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