Everlasting Verrucas

Verruca's come in all shapes and sizes. This particular verruca was quite large and deep into the patient's heel. Take a look at the photo below.

Verruca before treatment

The patient has ignored it and let it continue to grow for a few years; it had started to seriously impact on their quality of life. The patient was in pain with every step; you can imagine the discomfort of having something that large and sore under your foot.

As with most of our clients, they had understandably tried all the treatments you can buy in a pharmacy; and even some of the whacky ones you read about on the internet. We have heard of verrucas healing after Bazooka and Wartner, but it takes months of consistency to even stand a chance of removal. When you have a stubborn one, you need the experts.


Here at Flawless Feet we have two treatments for verruca treatment, Falknor's needling and Swift microwave Therapy.

Falknor's Needling

A very efficient and fast way to eliminate verruca and warts, Falknor's needling method has been around for over 45 years, providing an attractive solution for people who have demanding schedules and cannot make regular appointments, as it frequently only requires a single treatment. You can read more about how we do this on our webpage.


SWIFT® Microwave Therapy

The Swift technology was developed in the UK; it uses microwave energy to penetrate deep into skin and target the infected tissue without puncturing or damaging the skin. Take a read of this webpage to learn more. 


Verruca after finishing the treatment. Complete resolution

As you can see from this after Swift treatment photo- the patient's body has worked it's magic and get rid of the verruca. The wound is healing very nicely. 

The reason verruca’s are so hard to treat is because they are caused by a virus, which is the HPV (human papillomavirus), sends out a chemical called cytokines which hide it from your body's immune cells. Your body isn't aware that you have a problem. The job of our Swift and Falknor's needling is to make your body aware of the virus, and then your body's immune system will get to work and kill off the verruca.


You can just leave verruca's, as eventually, the body will see it, but at some point, it will start causing pain and problems for you. Rather than let a verruca get to this stage, get it treated when you notice it because they are contagious, and it's a frustrating problem to pass on to other members of your family or people at the gym and pool. 

Once the treatment is complete it will take your body a few weeks to heal the verruca and the area to look normal again. If you have a summer holiday booked and want to be verruca free, then spring is when you need to have your treatment. Book in now.