Introducing Our Online Shop

Croydon clinic products for sale One of the most common questions we are asked is “what should I use on . . . . . ?” that could be athletes foot, hard skin or fungal infections. As podiatrists with a combined 60 years of experience, we know what products work for each condition. This is why we have had a shop in our Croydon clinic and Amazon shop for several years. We have recently decided to move our online sales on to our website.

We stock a range of brands; Emtrix, Sidas, Sundays and of course, our Flawless Feet Shoe Fresh spray. All of our chosen products have been tested and recommended by us; we use them ourselves and for our families.

We have always advised on all aspects of foot health during our appointments. If you are having ingrown toenail surgery and our podiatrist notices you have a fungal infection, then we would always discuss treatment options with you.

Flawless feet range of products for sale. Sidas and sundays nail varnish

There are many nail polishes to choose from online, and in the shops, we selected the Sundays brand because they are formulated with well-being in mind. They do not damage your toenail, are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty and 10 free. They also have a great range of colours to suit every occasion and importantly are easy to apply.

Bespoke foot orthotics  
In the clinic, we offer a bespoke insole service, where we assess all aspects of your gait and foot function; the insoles are custom made for you. We are aware that this service isn’t for everyone, so we have chosen to retail the best off the shelf insoles as well- Sidas.  We stock a range of insoles depending on your foot shape; get in contact if you need advice for which ones suit you.

We hope you will love our shop as much as we do; take a browse around anytime and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, just let us know.