Laser Nail Fungus Treatment by Flawless Feet
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment by Flawless Feet
Laser Nail Fungus Treatment by Flawless Feet


Laser Nail Fungus Treatment London – Knightsbridge (Harvey Nichols) –  Covent GardenForest Hill – Croydon (Shirley Park)

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We are the only nail laser clinic in London to Treat Everyone with BOTH the S30 Podylas“Hot”1064nm Laser and Lunula “Cold” Laser for the best  results!
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Onychomycosis is a chronic fungal infection of the nails that affects a high percentage of the population and leads to yellow, thick and deformed toenails.

Onychomycosis / Nail Fungus is a chronic fungal infection of the nails that affects a high percentage of the population.

Nail fungus / onychomycosis infections are caused primarily by dermatophytes, which lead to an appearance of yellow, thick and deformed toenails.

The nails with fungus often become rough and brittle, and often tend to separate from the nail bed. The nail fungus / onychomycosis that infects the toenail is usually the same fungus that causes athletes foot. It tends to be a progressive infection that damages the nail. It can affect a single toenail or several nails on one foot or both feet. The nail fungus thrives in moist and dark environment. Therefore is more likely to affect toenails (sweaty feet inside shoes) than fingernails.

Toe Nail fungus / onychomycosis is a chronic condition that impacts your quality of life and can even lead to serious health problems for patients with diabetes or immune disorders. The treatment of toenail fungus is difficult because the infection is under the nail, which makes it hard for medications to reach and fight the nail fungus.

Flawless Feet provides Fungal Nail Laser Treatment in London. Until recently the Nail Fungus / Onychomycosis treatment options were limited to topical creams, Nail Lacquers/Paints and oral medication.

However, today, advances in medical technology allow us to apply a new effective onychomycosis / nail fungus laser treatment method: the S30 PODYLAS ™ Laser and Lunula “Cold” Laser, which treats nail fungus quickly, safely, painlessly and without side effects.

Advantages of using the S30 Podylas ™ laser and Lunula “Cold” Laser for the treatment of nail fungus

  • Indicated in all types of Fungus
  • Proven results with high efficiency
  • Comfortable
  • No need for oral medications
  • No side effects
  • Painless

As well as Laser Toe Nail Fungus removal, we are especially careful to check and diagnose Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot) Infections on the skin surrounding the nails , in between the toes and one the base of the foot. Fungal infections in the nails mostly start on the skin and then transfer into the nails. These infections must be treated at the same time. We are able to prescribe Terbenifine cream or Lamisil Spray which will treat the infection.

We also advise on the use of our Shoe Hygiene Spray which helps eliminates the Fungus and Bacteria which live and breed in your shoes.

Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Onychomycosis / Laser Nail Fungus Treatment – FAQs

How it works?

Laser treatments kill the fungus that lives in and under the nail. The laser light passes through the nail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. This increases the temperature of the fungi and causes the destruction of the hyphae, thus preventing their reproduction.

At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear— it takes time to grow out.

How effective is the treatment?

In a recent study done by the university of Barcelona, treating 150 patients, using the S30 PODYLAS ™ Laser, preliminary results have proved a success rate of 90%.

How safe is the treatment?

Treatment with Lasers are completely safe and have no side effects.

Is the procedure painful?

Most patients feel no pain. Some may feel a warming sensation or a slight pinprick.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure typically takes about 30 minutes.

Is there a recovery period?

No. The patient can go home at the end procedure.

How many sessions are recommended?

Usually it is recommended to have four sessions one or two weeks apart. Further sessions may be required if the infection is severe.

Will the fungus grow back?

There is always a chance of reinfection because the fungus is present everywhere in the environment. We will give you guidance to help reduce a recurrence of the infection.

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