Podiatry for Millwall Football Club

Hiren at Millwall fc footbal training groud My passion and love; Football.

I can chat about the game for hours. Six years ago, my work and passion collided when I was asked to become the podiatrist for Millwall Football Club. I was recommended to the lead physiotherapist by one of his staff, went in for a chat and came out with a new role.

Millwall's training ground is only 6 miles from our Croydon clinic, so it's really easy for me to go over for my monthly clinics. All major sports teams have a medical team to keep the players at top performance. Just look at the Millwall website of who's involved (sadly, I'm not listed). They have all their managers and coaches, then Head of Medical, Assistant Physiotherapist, Head Sports Scientist, Club Doctor, and then I come below them. It's a real team effort.

My job is to mainly make sure the feet of the players have no issues, and they are fit and healthy to get out onto the pitch. I take care of their feet; the physiotherapists do all the muscular work and the treatments for the players.

 During my sessions at Millwall, I do a routine health check on the player's foot health. Dealing with any niggles and making sure they can get out onto the pitch pain-free. I also get involved with the player's biomechanics and gait analysis. I make most of them a pair of orthotics which helps offload areas of pain and helps with their running.

I have been to a few Millwall games and always check on the results at the end of the weekend.

I make no secret of the fact I support Liverpool when I'm all Millwall; it adds to the fun. I'm fortunate not to have split my loyalties as these two teams haven't played each other since 1989.

Enjoying watching my team Liverpool fc I have loved The Reds ever since I was a boy in the early 80's. They remember the days of Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush and John Barnes. Liverpool has had the most incredible year; it has been jubilant to be a supporter; I have stuck with them through a few years of lows; we're riding the winning wave now!

I struggle to choose a favourite player because I don't have just one; if I could combine a few, it would be – Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona. Currently, I love watching Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne

My favourite ever game of football is the Champions League Final in 2005, Istanbul-

Liverpool vs Ac Milan. At the final whistle, it was 3-3, which took them into penalties; if you did watch the match, then make time; it was indeed the miracle of Istanbul.

Like the majority of football fans, I rarely play but love watching it live with my boys and friends. Nothing beats the atmosphere in the stands. So next time you're in the clinic and you're a fan, be ready as I love a good chat about anything football related.