Silipos Gel Toe Spreaders, Antimicorbial

Approx $6.45 USD

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Slip the digital pad over a toe or finger, placing the gel pad directly over the affected area to ease discomfort immediately. The antimicrobial ingredient is contained in the gel and exudes onto the skin.

  • Aligns big toe to help reduce pain --- Effective on bunions and overlapping toes
  • Silipos½ gel releases a medical grade mineral oil that lubricates the skin as it separates troubled toes
  • Separates toes to relieve pressure and friction Straightens toes with gentle, constant pressure
  • Used as an inter-digital wedge for bunion deformity, overlapping toes, or toe drift
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic --- Washable and reusable --- Gel will not flatten or lose its shape like foam