Flawless Feet For Winter: Paraffin and Top Tips for your Toes

Posted 18 Nov '19

Flawless Feet For Winter: Paraffin and Top Tips for your Toes

Flawless Feet for winter: Paraffin and tips for toes

We are fast approaching what will be the coldest winter in two decades! During this time, the skin of

the feet and lower legs can become extremely dehydrated.

We have listed some common foot complaints and tips in order to keep your feet hydrated and healthy for winter!

Cracked heels – With the feet being enclosed in insulated shoes and for longer periods, this puts the skin under a lot of pressure and leads to dehydration or excessive sweating depending on the foot and skin type. The wet weather conditions can also cause the feet to become damp (avoid suede materials for boots) this dehydrates the skin further and causes cracking, particularly around the heels. Moisturising the feet daily with urea based foot products will prevent cracks and keep the skin hydrated. These products are available at all of our locations.

Chilblains – As we go from our warm centrally heated homes to extremely cold conditions, this causes the blood vessels to over contract resulting in painful, inflamed and itchy chilblains. Avoid placing your feet in direct contact with the heater or fireplace, wear 100% cotton socks and avoid walking barefoot on tiled or laminated flooring.

Dehydrated nails and toenail polish – During the winter months, we advise toenail polish breaks so that the nails can breathe. This is easier to do at this time of year since the feet are not on show as much. If polish is desired on the toenails


then it should be treated the same as makeup, removing it after the event or the same day and opting for a lighter pigment than darker colours to avoid staining. We recommend booking in for The Flawless Medical Pedicure as this treatment will leave the nails so healthy looking that it deters one from wanting to cover them with polish!

Flawless Feet, have Introduced and designed a brand new treatment perfect for this time of year.

The Flawless Medical Pedicure with Paraffin

Our famous Flawless Medical Pedicure with intense hydration just got better. We have designed a luxurious treatment to keep your feet moisturised and encourage healthy circulation during the winter months by painting a warm wax onto the soles of the feet. This treatment has been designed to successfully treat cracked and hardened skin and gives long lasting effective results. Expect your feet to feel and look even more Flawless after this treatment.


Available in the Harvey Nichols clinic: Please contact hello@flawlessfeet.com for further information or Call 02072018595.

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