Medical Pedicure

Flawless Feet Medical Pedicure & The Luxurious Callen Olive Medical Pedicure 

Available at our Covent Garden, Sydenham & Croydon Clinics

Treat your feet to a Medical Pedicure

We have two incredible pedicures for you to choose from, the Flawless Medical Pedicure and the Luxurious Callen Olive Pedicure! 

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The Flawless Medical Pedicure

A huge step up from a pedicure, our Flawless Medical Pedicure is carried out by a trained podiatrist. We use advanced treatments and techniques to remove dry skin and calluses, smooth the toenails' surface, alleviate cracked heels and ultimately leave your feet… FLAWLESS!

The Flawless medical pedicure transforms the way your feet look and feel. Our 30-minute treatment includes a full assessment to check issues caused by normal wear and tear – from discoloured nails, verrucae, calluses, and athlete's foot to any worrisome lumps and bumps – before giving your feet the ultimate pampering experience. We apply Prende's intense nourishing oil for skin and nails. It's packed with pure essential oils, including benzoin, bay, chamomile, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender and myrrh. These are expertly blended to intensely moisturise and provide an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action to relax and protect the skin on your feet.

In addition to getting your feet into better shape than you thought possible, our friendly staff will provide you with some general foot-care advice so that you can look after your tootsies in between pedicures and provide you with recommendations on any further treatment that may be necessary. 




Croydon & Sydenham

New patient £90   
Regular patient £80


Covent Garden

New patient £110
Regular patient £100

Indulge in the luxurious Callen Olive Pedicure 

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of pampering with our exquisite foot treatment, the Callen Olive Medi-Pedi. Just as you devote attention to your face and body, it's time to indulge your often neglected feet. Get ready for an extraordinary sensation as we combine our expert podiatry care with the opulent Callen Olive skincare line(also available to buy in our shop). We believe in equal emphasis on both cosmetic podiatry and comprehensive foot health, ensuring a red carpet-worthy transformation for your precious feet.

This popular foot treatment is adored by both men and women, as it effectively addresses a wide range of foot concerns. Our highly skilled podiatrists perform the Medi-Pedi, surpassing ordinary treatments with its medical-grade pedicure. It commences with a thorough consultation and diagnosis, followed by world-class podiatry care that tends to your skin and nails with utmost precision. To add to the indulgence, the experience continues with a soothing massage and a luxurious foot mask, leaving you feeling truly pampered.

Our Medi-Pedi aims to revitalise your feet, harmonising both cosmetic podiatry and overall foot health. The result is a complete overhaul that will make your feet look and feel years younger. Witness the transformation as your feet exude a renewed radiance.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team provides expert advice and ensures you receive the exceptional foot care you truly deserve.




Croydon & Sydenham

New patient £130
Regular patient £120


Covent Garden

New Patient £140
Regular patient  £130

"The medical pedicure I had a week ago was wonderful - my feet are still soft. The staff were friendly and the service was first class. I would definitely recommend the clinic"
Eva Howard Flawless Feet Client

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