Top 5 Things To Try At Home For Heel Pain

Posted 11 Apr '18

Top 5 Things To Try At Home For Heel Pain

Heel Pain 

Do you suffer from sore heels in the morning or at the end of the day?
Do you start with your day with a limp?
Do you get up from a chair in agony?

You could have Plantar Fasciitis!!

Hands(Feet) down the most common soft tissue condition we see as podiatrist is the dreaded plantar heel pain which affects at least 10% of the population. This is a condition which if not treated quickly can linger on for years and years effecting every step of your daily life.

There is hope however with multiple treatment options available such as excercise prescription, taping, soft tissue massage, dry needling, Orthotic therapy, Shockwave therapy, footwear prescription and more.
Getting to the root of the problem is key and an appointment with a well informed podiatrist is a great first pain-free step.
There are however some simple things you can do at home that will in most cases easy symptoms.

Here’s my top 5 things to try at home

1) Tennis ball/bottle roller before getting out of bed- the biggest characteristic of plantar heel pain is the dreaded first step pain- using a simple roller underneath your foot before getting up will help ease some of this.

2) Calf stretches- slow controlled stretches for at least 30 seconds against a wall is a simple yet effective way to help reduce strain on those heels.

3) Cushioned heel raises- helping with both cushioning and unloading of the plantar fascia this is a cheap and comfortable way to ease your symptoms.

4) Footwear change- look to avoid completely flat shoes and those without any cushioning. One with both cushioning, support and a slight heel are ideal.

5) Lose Weight – Weight loss is a great way to reduce the forces on your feet which applied to the heel also.

These should help however to truly resolved your heel pain for good a visit to you local Flawless Feet Podiatrist is a must!!!


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