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Posted 11 Jun '15

Top Tips For Healthy Feet

Top Tips For Healthy Feet

Following a daily routine to keep your feet clean and free from infection will help prevent potential foot problems.

Wash your feet every day in warm, soapy water for just a few minutes.  Don’t soak them longer, as this might destroy the natural oils. After, dry your feet properly especially in between the toes.

 Keep Nails Trimmed If you can see and reach your feet, cut your toe nails regularly using proper nail clippers. Cut the nails straight across and not down the corners as this can lead to in-growing nails. Those that find it hard to cut them may find filing them easier.

Apply cream to your feet daily Use a good, dry skin cream and rub into the feet, paying particular attention to the sole and heel areas while avoiding the spaces between the toes.

Wearing the right shoes for you! Poor footwear can be the cause of many foot problems yet few of us even realize we are wearing the wrong shoes.

Have your feet measured for new shoes and ensure they are the right length and that they are deep and wide enough at the toe area.

See Flawless Feet If you have any concerns about your feet, we at Flawless Feet can identify any problems and discuss the best treatment options with you. Even if you haven’t a specific foot problem, it’s a good idea to visit a podiatrist once in a while to identify any problems you may have early and advise you on the best ways to care for your feet.

Flawless feet offer several different clinic locations to meet the needs of our patients. Locations include:

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