Feel good in your feet

feel good in your feet

Podiatry isn’t always about corns and calluses we want you to feel good in your feet. Feet that you don’t want to hide away in trainers all summer, toes that you are proud to show off. 

 Feet are thought of as functional, get you from A to B and then forgotten about but you will know about it when something has gone wrong. We had patients liken foot pain to toothache, that constant, nagging pain that never seems to go. These aches and pains will affect your whole day from the minute you stand in the morning and in the case of ingrown toenails, pain hinders sleep.

 We have the skills and technology to not only get your feet pain-free and healthy we can make them worthy of wearing gorgeous sandals.

time to enjoy after getting pain free

 We are dreaming of long, hot London days of drinking a crisp cocktail, watching the world go by (or a picnic catching up with friends in the park whilst the kids play). Summer 2021 is going to be the summer of making up for a lost year, wearing all the clothes that haven't made it out of the cupboard. 

Much like the preparations you would usually do for a luxury holiday abroad, treat your feet to the same investment for the staycation this year. Start with the basics, skincare. Try this for the next 2 weeks -

-wash and dry between your toes daily.

-gently exfoliate your feet once a week, concentrating on your heels and side of your big toe which are the most common places people get rough skin.

-moisturise your feet daily. We can recommend a few great moisturisers for you.

-trim your toenails weekly, regular checks of your toenails ensures no bad surprises. 


After 2 weeks your feet will be in a much better condition. If you find something you are concerned about then, book in. Our medical pedicures are a fantastic way to reset your feet. We will expertly check over your feet, looking for any worrying problems, carry out a full MOT on your toenails and skin, trimming and buffing your toenails to ensure they are medically clean. You can lay back and relax, chat with us or we are always happy to explain what we are doing to help you take better care of your feet. At the end of the session, we will let you know if we think your feet will benefit from other treatments. 

 You may have found that after a year of slippers your feet have changed size or shape, don’t panic, this is common. You will need to go through your shoes, sandals and heels to check they fit (what a lovely hour that will be). Don’t leave trying on your planned shoes until the morning of your event as squeezing your feet into shoes will only give you blisters. 

 Did you take up running over the last year? Many people did and most are shocked at the problems that running has caused to their feet. If trainers are the wrong fit, blisters have been a continual issue or damage to toenails. Unsightly toenails from running just isn’t fair but we can solve that for you. We offer toenail reconstruction, find out more here. We have lots of advice for runners on which trainers and socks will help you run worry-free. 

Being healthy shouldn’t be seen as a treat, we all only have one body, caring for it is vital. Foot care is difficult as it’s hard to really see your own feet, caring for your feet is our priority. Book an appointment today.