Toenail Reconstruction

Posted 8 Jan '21

Toenail Reconstruction

If a layer of nail polish won’t hide your embarrassing toenails then have a look at our toenail reconstructions. Not only will you walk out of the clinic with a smooth gloss finish; your chipped, discoloured, unhealthy toenail will be removed. This is the treatment you need if you have a holiday booked, a spa day or a special occasion, where your feet will be on show all day, or just because you’ve just had enough of your unsightly toenails. You can walk proudly with your feet on show rather than hiding them away. 

It is a really easy, painless cosmetic procedure, which last for 6 weeks (depending on how fast your toenails grow). 
Here is the step-by-step of what you will experience in the clinic.

  1. We prepared your toenail by removing any loose bits and we may reduce the thickness of your toenail.
  2. We file your toenail as we need a rough surface on top.
  3. We clean and disinfect your nail.
  4. We apply a product that helps the main resin layer stick to your nail.
  5. We layer the resin. After each layer, a UV lamp is used to help it dry. (similar process to if you have had gel nails, different products). The layers are built up until we have the right nail for you.
  6. We shape the resin so that the nail looks natural. 
  7. We smooth the resin
  8. We apply a clear gloss polish to finish your new look toenail. 

Once the resin has dried you can apply any colour choice of polish and treat them exactly the same as you would your normal toenails. All you need to do after a toenail reconstruction is enjoy your new ‘natural’ looking feet. 

Our podiatrists have been reconstructing toenails for years, we all enjoy providing this service as it gives all of our patients' immediate pleasure at seeing their new nails.  

No matter how your toenail became problematic, maybe a sports or running injury, fungal problems or if you just have irregular shaped toenails; try out a toenail reconstruction, and experience the confidence boost they give you. 

  • You will be with us in the clinic between 30-60 minutes, depending on how many nails require reconstruction.
  • We charge between £85-£180 depending on how many nails you require.
  • No damage is done to your nail bed; your toenail will continue to grow. 

If you have questions or want to book this service, please get in contact with us here. 
Alternatively Call us on 02037138361

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