Enjoy working out after getting your feet pain free

New year, new you! Are you joining in with Dry January or Veganuary? Have you signed up for a race or joined a gym? January is a great time to set goals, try and improve our health.

 Losing weight and getting fitter will benefit most of us, but it will be near impossible to do if you get injured. Frustratingly, many people feel discomfort in their feet and legs during the first month of exercise, especially if it has been a long time since their last session.

You can’t get fit without fit feet.

Watching you walk and assessing the issues Every sport requires your feet; even swimming is uncomfortable if a muscle is strained. If you continue to run even with a painful niggle it could develop into something much worse and take longer to heal. When you run, nearly 3 times your body weight goes through your feet with each stride, which even for someone like Mo Farrah, this is a lot of repetitive strain on the bones, muscles and ligaments.

 You need solid and pain-free feet so that you can enjoy your new sport. We know that it is tempting to go full throttle, but you need to allow your body to get used to the increased activity and your muscle with the strengthen to support you.

 We can give your feet an MOT to check for corns, ingrown toenails and calluses that might cause discomfort; during our appointments, we are happy to advise you on footwear choices for your sport to help you prevent any conditions developing.

 You’ll know about it if you develop a foot complaint; they are generally very painful. Conditions such as plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, Morton’s Neuromas and Achilles Tendinopathy are all common.  You can lean more about these conditions here

We don’t want anyone is who has signed up for a class, joined a club or out running London to be put off by foot pain. It is all treatable and often, it’s the simplest thing like lacing your trainers up differently that will make all the difference.  Get in contact or book your appointment online