The Flawless Medical Pedicure: Available At Harvey Nichols (Knightsbridge ) & Croydon Clinics

Many of you know what a Pedicure is but a “Medical pedicure” often leaves a big question mark in peoples heads.

The Flawless Medical Pedicure is a complete transformation of the feet which will leave your feet… Flawless!

What happens in The Flawless Medical Pedicure?

During this 45 minute appointment which is also a consultation, our Podiatrists and Chiropodists will take your feet on a journey using high quality effective products and traditional podiatric techniques. The nails will be hygienically cleaned with a specialist drill, the skin of the feet will be treated and your  Podiatrist will address ingrown toenails, corns, athletes foot, verrucas and callus. At the end of your appointment, your podiatrist will evaluate your feet, provide you with general foot-care advice and discuss any further treatments or services that are required to keep your feet healthy and flawless.

Why should  you  book in for The Flawless Medical Pedicure?

For Long lasting effective results. Your feet will be at their healthiest and cleanest after The Flawless Medical Pedicure.

How do I book?

The Flawless Medical Pedicure  is available at the following locations:

Harvey Nichols Beyond MediSpa – 11am – 6.30pm – Wednesday & Thursday on the fourth floor at Harvey Nichols.  

Croydon – Shirley Park Clinic – 10.30am to 7pm Monday to Friday

Please call us on 0203 7138361 or email us with a preferred date and time at


Price – £85 ( 45 mins ) – Croydon

£95 (45 mins) – Harvey Nichols