Introducing Callen Olive

Posted 29 Feb

Introducing Callen Olive

Callen Olive is a luxury footcare brand created by a podiatrist Margaret Trevellion.

Here are the main highlights of the brand,

  •       Provides exceptional foot and leg care
  •       Vegan
  •       Unisex
  •       Multi-award winning
  •       Cruelty free

We love the brand so much we are stocking four of the products in our online shop and we will now be using them as part of our Flawless Medical Pedicure, available at our 3 London podiatry clinics.



The red-carpet treatment for legs and feet. Packed with a powerhouse of rejuvenating ingredients, this invigorating lotion provides deep moisturisation, leaving the skin feeling radiant, revitalised ad flawless. An absolute must-have for your everyday self-love luxury kit.

For more information about the lotion and to buy yours, click here.




The express skin-renewer. This luxurious serum is a lavish feast of nourishment for chapped and dull skin. It works to soothe dryness, restore moisture and protect the skin’s lipid barrier, soaking it in hydration. Its lightweight, dry formula leaves the skin feeling as smooth as velvet. It absorbs quickly without leaving residue to reveal refreshed, rehydrated, younger-looking, glowing skin. A must-have year-round that will transform your legs and feet, infusing them with the healthy shine of airbrush effect.

For more information about the serum and to buy yours, click here.




The natural elixir of beautiful, healthy nails. This luxuriously rich oil moisturises, brightens and strengthens natural nails and cuticles. Use daily to promote strong nails and prevent them from drying, becoming brittle and breaking. Suitable for finger and toenails. A godsend for weakened nails that will keep them looking stunning without needing nail polish in between pedicures and manicures.

For more information about the oil and to buy yours, click here.




The ultimate healing agent for your feet. This miracle balm conditions and hydrates the foot skin, restoring its smooth, soft texture. It promotes intense moisturisation, decreasing water loss through the skin. Deeply absorbent and non-greasy with an exquisitely fragranced waxy texture. A sole-orientated essential for your everyday self-care ritual.

For more information about the balm and to buy yours, click here.


Margaret’s passion for the providing exceptional foot and leg care comes through in the ingredients used within the products. The lotion, balm, serum and oil are formulated to maintain healthy, young-looking legs and feet. Use these products as part of your daily regime to boost your confidence and showcase your feet and legs with pride.

You can read all about their commitment quality, ethical standards and environmental responsibility on their website.


The Flawless Medical Pedicure

The Flawless medical pedicure is a 45-minute treatment carried out by one of our podiatrists to deep clean your feet, treat them to a restorative ritual transforming the way they look and feel.

Your podiatrist will

  • Carry out a complete foot health overhaul, hygienically clean your toenails and remove any hard skin.
  • Rub the Bare To Impress Nail and Cuticle Oil into your nails, it has Kukui nut oil, Vitamin C and Payaya oil which moisturises, brightens and strengthens the nails and cuticles.
  • The Deep Nourishing and Restorative Leg and Foot Serum, containing Avocado oil, Carrot sSeed oil and Jojoba is massaged into your feet and lower leg to soothe dryness, restore moisture and protect the skin’s lipid barrier.
  • Next, we treat your feet to time in some heated booties. This intensifies the Callen Olive products allowing them to work deeper into your skin whilst you enjoy the time to relax.
  • The Foot Sole and Heel Saviour Balm with Caster Oil and Pro-vitamin B5 is rubbed over your feet to restore the skins soft, smooth texture.
  • Your podiatrist will chat through foot care advice with you and provide you with any recommendations on any further treatments that maybe necessary.

The Flawless Medical Pedicure is a facial for the feet. It is the perfect gift to treat someone your love or to take care of yourself.


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