Wedding Style and Comfort

Weddings are the best days, but they are also seriously long days with lots of standing around chatting and taking photographs.

Whether you're the Bride, Groom or a guest, we want you to have the best time and not to even think about your feet on the day.
Here are some things to consider when shopping for those all-important shoes to complete your outfit.

Bride tips

-Prepare your feet. Visiting a podiatrist a few months before the big day will make sure your feet are in perfect condition. You can also treat yourself to a medical pedicure the week before for gorgeous honeymoon feet.

-Invest in your perfect shoes. You can then wear them to more events in the future.

-Think about heel height and your dress. Take your shoes to the dress fitting to make sure the length is where you want it.

Bridal shoe wearing tips


Never go beyond your means; it's just a pair of shoes. Although great shoes come with a hefty price tag, the quality is worth the investment.


We know style wins over comfort, especially for wedding days BUT please keep comfort in mind, just a little. No one wants blood on the dance floor from all the blisters. The higher the heel you choose, the more pressure on your foot.

-Consider lower heels or platforms.

-Choose a shoe with heel straps; this will give your foot more support.

-Shoes can often be dyed to match your outfit; pick a shoe that fits and then decide on the colour.

-Try them on repeatedly at home. Wear them around your house as you do the hoovering. Wear them at the end of the day as your feet swell in the afternoon, and you want to make sure they are comfortable.

-Experiment with gel pads in your shoes. If your foot is moving around or rubbing, put a gel pad inside to reduce the movement. 

Beach or garden wedding

High heels on sand or grass will result in a twisted ankle, the ground is so soft, and you will sink, ruining the heels. You have a few options,

1-Wear flat shoes

2-Take two pairs of shoes

3-Buy some heel stoppers. These give your heel more surface area and will stop you from sinking.

Happy every after painfree feet

Be prepared

Pack some plasters and a pair of ballet shoes or flip flops for the evening. It's tempting to be barefoot on the dance floor, but spillages, broken glass, and you might get trodden on.

Hindi wedding

Here we are winning as most of the guests will be wearing juttis. These can still cause blisters, and some people struggle with the lack of arch support.

Indian wedding foot care

Men's shoes

These are generally fewer style considerations, but you still need to check the size, fitting and comfortableness of your shoes.

Put on your favourite socks and wear your shoes in when you're at home, to check they don't cause any blisters.

Mens shoes during the wedding to keep smart and stylish and obviosly pain free


Enjoy the day, dance all night; we are here to take care of your feet afterwards if you do have any problems.