Posted 14 May '17

Give Fungal Nails The Boot

Fungal nails. Need I say more? As if the feet aren’t already one of the least glamorous parts of the body, the idea of having fungus growing under your toenails is a definite setback for a future wearing open-toed shoes. Not only does fungus cause streaking, flaking and crumbling in your nails, it distorts and thickens the nail. Producing an unpleasant aroma, fungal infection can actually cause your nails to lift off from the nail bed, leaving you with disfigured toenails which need to grow back from scratch.

Fungal nail infections are caused by the same fungi responsible for athlete’s foot and ‘jock itch’, both conditions that take off in warm, moist conditions. The most common form of infection is distal subungual onychomycosis (DSO) where fungus gets in under the tip of the nail and feeds on keratin produced by the body.

Fungal nail is highly infectious and can be picked up in a range of environments, most notably gyms, public pools and showers, but also in garden soil. Nails that have been bruised, stubbed or otherwise damaged are more susceptible to infection by fungal spores, which can be transferred from shoes, socks, infected carpet, or poorly sterilised pedicure equipment. Contracting fungal nail is particularly risky for diabetics and the elderly, whose immune systems are not strong enough to combat the spread of infection to other parts of the body.

While a number of over-the-counter treatments are available to address the problem of fungal nails, it is a condition which can prove difficult to fully eradicate without a proper plan of attack.Depending on the seriousness of the infection you may need to have the affected nail area completely removed, apply prescribed nail tinctures to the site or take anti fungal medication orally.

We at  Flawless Feet Podiatry & Laser Clinic have a unique Nail Fungus Treatment, an exclusively designed laser for Podiatrists to treat foot conditions.

We are the only clinic in London to offer treatment with both the S30 Podylas and Lunula “Cold” Lasers concurrently for better results.

 Your podiatrist should be the first person you call if you suspect you might have a fungal nail infection. It is essential that the problem is treated by a qualified individual who is aware of the extent of the issue, and can tailor a treatment plan which specifically targets the root of the problem.

Although fungal nail is an unattractive problem, it does not spell the end of your plans for a beach holiday forever.

Give us a call today on 020 3713 8361 Or Book Online to make an appointment and a treatment plan, so you can start dreaming of putting your feet up again.

Laser Nail Fungus Treatments for 4 sessions available FROM ONLY £450.

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Flawless feet offer several different clinic locations to meet the needs of our patients. Locations include:

Forest Hill Clinic | 30 Sydenham Road | Sydenham | London| SE26 5QF

Covent Garden Clinic | Jubilee Hall Gym | 30 The Piazza | Covent Garden | London | WC2H 8BE

Croydon Clinic | 197a Shirley Road | Entrance In Valley Walk | Croydon | CR0 8SB 

We look forward to welcoming you.

The team at Flawless Feet Podiatry & Laser Clinic

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