How to treat a verruca with Swift

Posted 11 Mar '20

How to treat a verruca with Swift

Plantar verrucae are those pesky lesions that seem to outstay their welcome, look unsightly and/or cause a lot of discomfort. There are many treatments available over the counter and there are some remedies and processes that can be tried and tested in your own home, but more likely than not the warts persist and it is at this point a more intensive, long-term form of treatment is needed. Here at Flawless Feet we get many patients with verrucae coming to us, asking what we can do for them having tried almost everything, and explaining how much of an effect it has on them mentally and physically – this is when we turn to the marvel that is Swift!

The Swift machine itself is an advanced but simple piece of equipment: it delivers a precise dose of microwave energy through a probe that is directly applied to the lesion, which then increases local tissue temperature, causes cellular death and also kick starts the body’s immune system. What makes Swift so effective and distinctive is that, unlike occlusion therapy (duct tape) or treatment with salicylic acid, for example, it is able to penetrate the infected tissue deep into the epidermal layer of the skin towards the root of the lesion, and create immediate change without being invasive or requiring dressings.

Frustrating verruca

Though it can be painful, it’s the immediate and rapid effect of Swift that I love in particular, especially when patients who are feeling helpless, are tired of putting up with the embarrassment and exhausted by seeing no results, then seek a podiatrist out when they have no other option. It is incredibly rewarding, as a clinician, to be able to reassure a patient that we can help and that there is another way!

No therapy has a 100% success rate but having treated a number of patients with it, it is clear that Swift is as good as it is gets. I have seen children, teenagers and adults all face the same type of embarrassment, the same type of pain and experience the same type of frustration. For some the Swift therapy was unbearable for the most part. For others it was almost a walk in the park. Ultimately, though, they all left our clinic with nothing but relief and positivity (and possibly a little pain) at the end of their treatment with one thought crossing their mind as they bounded towards the exit – ‘I wish I had this done sooner’.

So if you’re like one of the many, many people that are suffering from warts/verrucae, do it sooner rather than later and try Swift with us here at Flawless Feet. You’ll thank yourself for it!

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