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Laser therapy at Flawless Feet

Posted 4 Dec '21

Laser Therapy At Flawless Feet

A pain-free way to relieve pain, laser therapy is a highly effective treatment for muscular-skeletal conditions.


If you have pain from a recent injury or from a long-term condition, they can both be treated with laser therapy. We have used laser therapy for fungal nail infections in our London clinics for years, and we have seen incredible results without any side effects. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to invest in a second laser therapy machine.


Laser therapy has been used medically since the ’70s; laser is just a form of light. The light stimulates the body’s own healing process. An injury causes inflammation in the cells; your cells need energy (ATP adenosine triphosphate) to fight the inflammation. The laser light stimulates the battery pack of the cell to provide the energy required to fight. There isn’t any magic involved in laser therapy, just science. These super-powered cells will then heal faster, meaning a dramatically reduced recovery time from an injury, enabling you to get back out there, keeping fit.


Laser therapy can be used on muscular, neuropathic and bony conditions.  Problems such as;

-Plantar Fasciitis

-Bunion pain

-Wound healing

-Achilles Tendonitis

-Muscle sprains


-and many more.

MLS laser teeating heel pain


We know it sounds unbelievable, but there are no side effects; you come into the clinic for an assessment; if we feel laser therapy is appropriate, the first treatment can be given. No preparation is needed; a few minutes of beeping, and you’re free to carry on with your day. The biggest thing most people notice is a near-immediate reduction in pain!


Lunula laser treating nail fungus We have the s30 Podylas and the ASA M5 MLS laser; both are non-invasive low level laser treatment machines. Both of the machines have an applicator which we hold one to and move across the surface of your skin. The M5 laser has a head that treats from a distance. We are with you at all times, so if you are at all nervous, we are there to chat and explain.


You can read more about laser therapy on our webpage, or if you would like to discuss treatment options and book an appointment, please get in contact.

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