The right shoe for every occasion

Posted 1 Oct '20

The right shoe for every occasion

We have gone from flip flop to boots within 7 days! The joys of the British weather. They may not always get it right but it’s important to check the weather forecast before choosing shoes for the day.

Getting caught out wearing flip flops, sliders or sandals on the oily, sometimes cobbled streets of London is a twisted ankle waiting to happen.  We would recommend during this changeable weather time of year to err on the side of caution and wear shoes or boots.

Stomper boots are a podiatrist’s dream footwear trend- plenty of room inside but still supportive around the ankle.  If you are looking to buy some, check the material as they can get quite warm so try and go for leather, as they allow your foot to breathe. Some people might find the sole of Stomper boots a bit too flat (especially if you are usually a high heel wearer), if you do, you might need some shaped insoles to reduce foot pain.

This week, make the most of having dinner out with friends, restaurants are open and it’s a great time to wear your favourite pair of heels.  Don’t wait for an occasion, (who’s knows when the next one will be!)  You could even wear your Louboutins to make dinner this weekend, we think you should have a glass of  Veuve Clicquot in your hands whilst you do. Wear your heels just for short amounts of time, you might be a bit wobbly on your feet after such a long time of not wearing them.  It can be a good idea to have a pair of flat shoes in your bag to wear on the way home from your evening out.

Morning exercise, lunchtime class or after-work session, obviously trainers are the shoe of choice. Did you know it’s recommended to change your running shoes every 300-500 miles? This will make sure your feet have the best shock absorption and support from the shoe. If you are regularly going through sports shoes or they have an uneven wear pattern, book in for our gait analysis and we can take a look at your alignment. You may have an underlying medical condition that needs treatment.

Piles of autumn leaves will soon be waiting to be kicked and what can bet a good pair of wellies for those weekend walks enjoying the changing colours of the trees.

Podiatrists are specialists on foot care and generally shoe-obsessed people! We are here to help and offer advice if you are worried about your foot health or want some advice on your shoe choices.

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